Installing WDmodel

This document will step you through getting the WDmodel package installed on your system.

Installation Instructions

Here’s a minimal set of instructions to get up and running. We will eventually get this package up on PyPI and conda-forge, and that should make this even easier.

0. Install python:

We recommend using the anaconda python distribution to run this package. If you don’t have it already, follow the instructions here

Make sure you added the conda/bin dir to your path!

If you elect to use your system python, or some other distribution, we will assume you know what you are doing, and you can, skip ahead.

1. Get the code:

Clone this repository

git clone
cd WDmodel

2. Install everything:

  1. Create a new environment from specification (Preferred! All dependencies resolved!)

    conda env create -f docs/env/conda_environment_py36_[osx64|i686].yml


  1. Create a new environment from scratch (Let conda figure out dependencies and you sort out potential issues)

cp docs/env/condarc.example ~/.condarc
conda create -n WDmodel
source activate WDmodel
conda install --yes --file dependencies_py36.txt

3. Get the latest HST CDBS files:

These are available over FTP from []

Untar them wherever you like, and set the PYSYN_CDBS environment variable. You need at least synphot1.tar.gz and synphot6.tar.gz.

export PYSYN_CDBS=place_you_untarred_the_files

4. Install the package [optional]:

python install


The instructions should be enough to get up and running, even without sudo privileges. There’s a few edge cases on cluster environments though. These notes may help: